Mike Wyche

NFL Free Agent and Inspirational Speaker

"Success is a Team Sport."

Meet the big man with a big message! At 6'4 and 325 pounds, everyone sees this mountain of a man and all the success he has achieved in football. However, very few are familiar with his journey.


Mike's favorite movie is "The Blind Side" because it touches his heart, and it also makes him chuckle. He grew up seeing things no child should ever see, but he overcame. Mike has a wonderfully inspirational workshop for schools and business firms, spreading a message about overcoming adversity to finding success at any level.


Michael Wyche is an American Football Defensive Lineman for the National Football League (NFL) and an inspirational speaker and author. He played college football for the University of Miami (Hurricanes). Yet, before he landed playing time on that stage, Mike started getting into trouble when he was 11 years old. His behavior landed him time in the juvenile detention center.


His father was in prison since Mike was 4, receiving a 40-year prison sentence. To make matters worse, his mother was battling domestic abuse, drug abuse, and eventually died after a long battle with cancer.


He grew up in South Norfolk, Virginia, an area plagued with gun violence and drugs. He endured pain and confusion, but Mike saw football as refuge. 


In fact, playing football was the easiest chapter of Mike's life. A workshop with Big Mike exposes audiences to the lessons he learned that led him to find self-motivation.

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