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"How to Gain Entry into the Sports Industry"

Michael Chamblain was born in Boston, MA. After graduating from Randolph High School, he went on to attend Anna Maria College. It was there he found his love of hard work and relationships. After playing basketball there for 4 years, and graduating with a degree in Business Management, it was unclear what the next step was. In the summer of 2009, an opportunity was presented to go to Europe and play professional basketball. This included stops in Sweden and Germany. Later, another stint in Peru would be presented, but it was way more than a game at this point. Michael had spent years learning the business of sports and knew he had much to offer. Following years of coaching, he knew that his career in sports was leading him in a different direction. Knowing he could be a guide for athletes meant a career in sports management was where he should be. 

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Tips for Getting into the Sports Field

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Pro Athlete? Here's What You Can Do to Play Professionally

How to Open the Door to the Sports World

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