Matthew Marrett

Lacrosse Coach and Advocate 

                   Meet Matthew Marrett ~

Matthew attended high school in Nantucket, MA, where he played Lacrosse for 3 years. He also played football and was named Most Improved Player and Unsung Hero. After completing coursework at Dean College in Franklin, MA, he transferred to Monroe Community College at Rochester NY. Matthew redshirted at Monroe Community College and then transferred to Dean College where he earned his Associates Degree. It was there when he played two years of Lacrosse. He then transferred to the University of the District of Columbia and joined the Lacrosse team, finishing with 18 ground balls and causing 4 turnovers. He was eventually named captain of the UDC Lacrosse Team. 


Matthew earned a Coach's Award, playing on a non-traditional team (a Lacrosse group with low numbers). He takes his experience from playing at an HBCU Lacrosse program, sharing information about the sport in an effort to make it more diverse. 


The son of Carmen Marrett, Matthew has two brothers, Victor and Marvin. He graduated from the University of the District of Columbia in Business Management. 


He now works as a trainer and advocate, determined to make the sport of Lacrosse as popular as football. 

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How Lacrosse Changed My Life 

Bringing a Change Agent in the Inner City

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