Public Speaking Boot Camp for NFL Big Men with Na'il Diggs

The Public Speaking Boot Camp for NFL Big Men, in partnership with the Hyatt Place Chesapeake, is designed to encourage NFL linemen to prepare for jobs normally reserved for the more popular positional player. NFL Linebacker Na'il Diggs, a successful public speaker, writer, and sports show analyst, shares insider tips to the big fellas who have to work twice as hard to land gigs that are routinely given to coaches, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. 

Public Speaking Boot Camp for NFL Big Men Curriculum:


Meet and Greet 




Voice Technique Exercises




Speech Openers




Interactive Workshop: The Speech Format




15 Minute Break


Delivering the 3-Minute Speech




Lunch: 4:00-5:00p.m.


Broadcast Speech: The ABCs of Sports Show Language




20 Minute Break


Public Speaking Competition: Original Oratory Contest in front of a Live Audience 


6:20p.m.- 7:30p.m.

Only 3% of NFL players successfully make the transition to the broadcast booth. There are some who tackle the public speaking circuit. However, it is twice as difficult for the NFL big man to forge a career in either field. Star power can buy a player a career lifeline of one year. Speech training is a life skill. 


12-year NFL Linebacker Na'il Diggs has the training and expertise to provide players the guidance necessary to excel in both the broadcast booth and public speaking circuit.  

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