Public Speaking and Presentation Training for Business Leaders

We have trained professional athletes, and now we are training professional business members.  Pro Speak for Athletes now offers a variety of business training programs designed for any type of company.


My team and I know firsthand what it takes to connect with diverse groups and have coached professional players to deliver successful interviews, speaking engagements, and sports show presentations.


We employ the same team building strategies to help business leaders address employees, clients, investors, boards of directors, the media, or the general public. 


Whether we are working with professional athletes or professional business leaders, our goals remain the same:


1. Encourage a display of more confidence and credibility in front of any group.


2. Coach clients to be more successful when engaging, inspiring, and influencing audience members.


3. Train speakers to be more effective when telling their stories and transferring their knowledge and business objectives.

Contact us to discuss your needs and pricing options for either a full-day group workshop or private coaching session. 


Travel and lodging fees are not included. Two members of our team will travel from the Norfolk International Airport (ORF) in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Pro Speak for Athletes

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